Crosstown Solutions Team Attends the Jay Fund Gala

Representatives from Crosstown Solutions recently showed support for a worthy cause by attending the Champions for Children Gala to benefit the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation.

“Philanthropy is in our DNA at Crosstown Solutions,” said Jarrad, the company’s President. “We have been huge supporters of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation because of their commitment to children. It was an honor to attend.”

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation was founded in 1996 by Coughlin, a former New York Giants coach and Executive Vice President of Operations for the Jacksonville Jaguars, in memory of Jay McGillis, one of his Boston College football players. McGillis was only 22 years old when he died following an eight-month battle with leukemia. Coach Coughlin, who witnessed the impact that this illness had on the McGillis family, formed the foundation to help families whose children are battling cancer. In the 20 years since its inception, the Jay Fund Foundation has grown and has financially helped over 4,000 families in Northeast Florida and the New York metro area through $9 million worth of grants.

“A few of our Crosstown Solutions top performers and I attended the Champions for Children Gala in October,” said Jarrad. “Not only was it great to give back to our community by supporting this event, but we had a great time. We were able to meet Coach Tom Coughlin as well as players from the NY Giants team.” The event, which attracts many sports celebrities, includes a dinner, raffle, and silent auction. It’s held annually in the area.

Crosstown Solutions’ President Describes Process for Selecting Causes

Giving back to the community is part of the Crosstown Solutions fiber, as Jarrad noted. “We support causes as a team that are meaningful to us,” he said. “Therefore, our selection process is based on specific criteria.”

Among the factors the team considers include passion for the cause or charity, whether the organization’s values align with the firm, and impact. “We know with the Jay Fund that we’re supporting a group whose reach is farther and more profound,” Jarrad explained. “Their winning spirit for helping others aligns with our firm’s core principles as well. This made this cause a perfect fit for our philanthropic focus.”

“What it comes down to in the end is how we can make a difference,” said Jarrad. “We need to measure our efforts to give back in the same way we do all of our achievements. It’s part of who we are as a company and what we want to accomplish to show our support for our community overall.”

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