Crosstown Solutions on Being the Change in Their Community

In addition to record-breaking results during 2017, the Crosstown Solutions team took time to engage in many philanthropic activities that had a strong impact on their surrounding communities.

“It’s a great year when we can support one or two causes,” said Jarrad, Crosstown Solutions’ President. “This year, we were able to give back to six different groups, so 2017 was outstanding for us in terms of our philanthropic efforts.”

As Jarrad explained, many of the causes and groups that Crosstown Solutions’ office supported are tied to kids. “We donated $300 worth of New York Mets tickets to the Long Island City YMCA, as well as to the Dream Charter in South Harlem where we spoke at their career day,” he said. “We also spoke at the Clarendon School in Brooklyn for their career day to inspire young people to consider careers that are fulfilling and satisfying, like ours.” Jarrad also delivered the keynote address for the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center’s "Young Men’s Initiative Elite Dinner.”

The agency did not limit their charity to the children in the surrounding communities, either. “We donated $5,000 worth of Under Armour clothing to kids in Nigeria,” he said. “Many people in that country have very little, so it warms our hearts to know that some of these kids will have proper clothing.” Another clothing donation was made to the Bowery Mission, a neighborhood shelter in New York City that serves the city’s poorest residents.

Perhaps one of Crosstown Solutions’ most meaningful contributions of 2017 was $5,000 from a kickball tournament that was shared between The V Foundation, which honors the legacy of sports icon Jimmy Valvano, whose life was cut short by cancer at 46, and one of the firm’s team members who is battling cancer. “This one was close to home, because we see the bravery it takes to fight this disease,” said Jarrad. “Not only were we able to help someone dear to us, but we also donated to a cause for which 100 percent of the funds go directly to research so someday, others will not have to undergo the same struggles to get well.”

Crosstown Solutions’ President on Meaningful Philanthropy

Jarrad noted that much of Crosstown Solutions’ generosity stems from the team’s heart being in the right place. “Our people want to give back, so we work together to identify what causes matter most to them,” he said. “Obviously kids top the list, as does providing underserved populations with clothes or opportunities to take part in fun.”

“The other theme you’ll note in our philanthropic activities is we want to help people find the right path to do better for themselves,” Jarrad said. “Companies that give back need to align their contributions with their values. In our firm, we believe in empowering others to succeed. By sharing our stories with young people on the cusp of starting their careers, we are sowing the seeds for stronger futures. We are truly being the change we want to see in our community.” 

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